Responding to the challenges posed by the deployment of renewable energy production means

By improving local balancing.

By reducing renewable intermittences.

By intensifying the production of renewable energy.


Key information


ULB (Owner)

CLEF (Coordinator)

Project Budget

Total Budget: 770,000.- €

Funding: 559,500.- €


Start: September 2020

End: December 2022


Belgium, Iceland and Norway

Latest news and events

H2CoopStorage members visit Iceland

octobre 6, 2021
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Members of the H2CoopStorage project meet in Iceland in mid-October. Since the start of the project a year ago, members have done all meetings online. The drop in strict rules…

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H2 CoopStorage at Renouvelle, news about renewable energies

avril 5, 2021
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During the development of the H2 CoopStorage consortium, the Renouvelle site interviewed the CLEF cooperative to understand what the challenges are related to the energy transition. Renouvelle published the article…

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Start of the H2 CoopStorage project

septembre 14, 2020
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The H2 CoopStorage project was submitted as part of the Joint Call 2019 (« MICall19 ») for transnational Research, Development and Innovation projects on integrated energy storage solutions in 2020 January. In…

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H2CoopStorage Annual reporting 2021

juin 17, 2022

Progress Project is on track for WP1, WP2 and WP3 even though the milestones have been exceeded for WP2 and WP3. Indeed, as part of the development of tools, some…

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H2CoopStorage Annual reporting 2020

juin 17, 2022

Work Packages WP1 The methodological tools are developed during the entire development of the H2 CoopStorage project. Indeed, the methodological tools rely on research carried out at an academic level:…

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